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Why We Learn C Programming

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Why We Learn C Programming



Should you learn C programming?


Specifically I adore C programming. It is a decent dialect to begin your programming venture on the off chance that you are a novice. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished developer I prescribe you to learn it eventually; it will absolutely help.

What will you pick up on the off chance that you learn C?
On the off chance that you don\'t know C you don\'t recognize the essence of what you are accomplishing as a software engineer. Without a doubt your application works fine what not. Be that as it may on the off chance that you can\'t state why while (*s++ = *p++); duplicates a string you\'re modifying on a superstition.
1.You will see how a PC functions.
On the off chance that you know C you won\'t just know how your program functions be that as it may you will have the capacity to make a psychological model on how a PC functions (counting memory administration and assignment). You will figure out how to value the opportunity that C gives not at all like Python and Java.
Understanding C enables you to compose programs that you never thought were conceivable (or at any rate you will have a more extensive comprehension of PC engineering and programming all in all).
2.interface with C programming.
All abnormal state programming dialects like Java Python JavaScript and so on would interface be able to with C programming. Additionally it\'s a decent dialect to express basic thoughts in programming. Doesn\'t make a difference if the individual you are chatting with doesn\'t know C you can even now pass on your thought in a way they can get it.
3.Opportunity to deal with open source ventures.
At to start with you may ignore the way that C is a critical dialect. In the event that you have to build up a portable application you require Java (for Android) Swift and Objective C (for iOS). What\'s more there are many dialects like C# PHP ASP.net Ruby Python for building web application. At that point where is C programming?
Python is utilized for making wide range for applications. Furthermore C is utilized for making Python. On the off chance that you need to add to Python you have to know C programming to take a shot at Python mediator that effects a huge number of Python software engineers. This is only one case. Countless that you utilize today is fueled by C.
A portion of the bigger open source ventures where C writing computer programs is utilized are Linux Kernel Python Interpreter SQLite Database.
Another dialect that is regularly utilized for expansive open source venture is C++. In the event that you know C and C++ you can add to expansive open source extends that effects a huge number of individuals.
4.You will compose better projects.
Frankly this announcement may not be genuine constantly. Be that as it may knowing how PC works and oversee memory gives you understanding on the most proficient method to compose productive code in other programming dialects. 
5.You will think that its significantly simpler to learn other programming dialects.
A great deal of mainstream programming dialects depend on C (and C++ considered superset of C programming with OOP highlights). On the off chance that you know C you will get a head begin learning C++ .
Dialects like C# and Java are identified with C and C++. Likewise the language structure of JavaScript and PHP is like C.
In the event that you know C and C++ programming you won\'t have any issue changing to another dialect.
Reasons not to learn C programming
You can make marvelous virtual products without knowing C programming by any stretch of the imagination. Jeff Atwood one of the makers of Stackoverflow.com obviously doesn\'t know C and Stack Overflow is a decent web application.
On the off chance that you are occupied and don\'t have any desire to contribute time on something that doesn\'t have guide impact on your everyday work C writing computer programs isn\'t for you.
Likewise in the event that you are a novice and need to begin picking up programming with a less demanding dialect (C isn\'t the most straightforward of dialect to learn) you can begin with Python.
Verdict on whether to learn C programming or not


For beginner:
For some C writing computer programs is the best dialect to begin picking up programming. In any case in the event that you need to begin with a less demanding dialect which is perfect and simpler to get a handle on go for Python.
For experienced software engineers:
It\'s not significant but rather there are advantages of learning C programming. 
Try not to leave your present undertaking quickly (I know you won\'t) to learn C. You can learn it when you have available time and need to grow your programming abilities.
I trust it\'s not important to learn C instantly. Be that as it may you ought to learn C in the end.


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