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[Tutorial] Codex Library Full WalkThrough

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This topic will demonstrate all the features included into Codex Library, Which will show you how fast enough you can code your cheats and/or applications.


-What's This Library all about ? 


This library was created to help you through coding by offering most required functions available/unavailable to the public all at your service in its simplest forms, smooth & clean.



Before we get started, you must verify your license using the Developer key sent to you after purchasing Codex Library, & also specify your license location


Defining Codex License :

  LicenseKey = "yourkeyhere"   
  LicensePath = "F:\License.xl"


-Codex Overlay Menu Features :

  • D3D Featured Menu [Overlay , Unclickable]
  • Customization for Title , Color, Opacity & Names are available
  • Customization for Toggle keys , Movement Keys & Internal Variables are available.


If you are planning to code a d3d menu [C++ or VB.NET], both of them will require alot of work!, and will usually NOT function properly since alot of Anti-Cheats will manage to detect them or properly interrupt its functionality, however Our Library will do just the right thing for you, and only by writing 2 LINES


Calling Codex Menu Functions :

PrepareMenu(Me, Me, New Size(200, 225), 13, Color.Cyan, "|| DosHacks 1.0 ||", Color.Black)
PrepareNames({"CrossHair", "No Recoil", "No Spread", "Infinite Ammo",
                      "Shooting Speed", "Ice Wolf", "Team Kill", "God Mode", "Instant Kill",
                      "Always Headshot", "Master Room", "WallHack", "Chams Hack"})

Preview :




Can it get simple more than that ?

we've intentionally made our public hack Based on Codex Library to also show how stable it is.



How to Overlay ?


This will allow your menu to be on top of all applications, unclickable and not annoying as many other cheats could be.



How to do Movements 

Add a Timer, Delay it the way you like it then write the following function in it [delay pref is 80~120]


 Toggle Menu Through Game ?

Add a Timer, Delay it the way you like it then write the following function in it [delay pref is 200 ~ 350]

DoToggleMenu("Wolfteam.bin", Keys.End)

-Codex Memory Management :


  • RPM/WPM without worrying about Access Rights [ Our Library uses different methods in order to write into the memory ]
  • A Fully Customizable Pattern Scanning [ Array of bytes Scanning , C++ Style including signature scanning ]


Calling Codex Memory Functions :

StartHacking("Game Name")
FeatureName = ScanPattern("Game Name", ModuleName, ModuleSize, {&H66, &H85, &H0, &H7E, &H0, &H66, &H83, &H7D, &HFC}, "xx?x?xxxx", 0)

WriteByte(FeatureName, 0) >> Writes a byte
WriteInteger(FeatureName, 0) >> Writes an Integer
WriteLong(FeatureName, 0) >> Writes a Long time value
WriteFloat(FeatureName,0.0) >> Writes a float type value
WriteString(FeatureName, "[GM]Professional") >>Writes a String type value

ProtectMemory(FeatureName) >> Protects your Memory from being Force Edited.
+++ More

So How Different is it from others?, simply our Library has 3 available Access Rights [External Editing, Internal Editing & Kernel Level Editing]


Note : Kernel level is still under developement and may not be functioning correctly.




There are 13 More Functions to be explained Tomorrow

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Hi ! New User ? You can Purchase Codex Library Here : https://doshacks.com...-codex-library/

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