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Features of C Programming Language

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Features of C Programming Language



A procedural dialect


In procedural dialects like C a rundown of predefined directions are done well ordered. An average C program may contain at least one methods (capacities) to play out an errand.
In the event that you are new to programming you may think this is the main way all programming dialects work. In any case there are other programming ideal models too. One of the generally utilized standards is Object-situated programming (OOP) which enables engineers to make articles to understand the given undertaking. In the event that you are intrigued look at the contrasts amongst procedural and question arranged dialects.
C programs are quick
Fresher dialects like Python and Java offer more highlights (waste gathering dynamic composing) than C programming. Be that as it may the execution brings due down to extra handling.
C dialect trusts software engineers and permits coordinate control of the PC equipment. This isn\'t conceivable in most abnormal state programming dialects. It\'s one reason why C is viewed as great decision to begin getting the hang of programming.
Standard C programs are compact
Compose once accumulate all around. Elegantly composed standard C programs are versatile which means programs written in one framework (e.g. Windows 7) can be arranged in another system(e.g. Macintosh OS) with no change.


Utilization of Modularity
You can store areas of C code as libraries for sometime later. This idea is known as particularity.
C itself can do next to no alone. The energy of C dialect originates from its libraries. C accompanies standard libraries to take care of basic issues. Assume you have to show something on the screen you can incorporate stdio.h library that enables you to utilize printf() work.
Statically wrote dialect
C is a statically written dialect. This implies the kind of a variable is checked amid the incorporate time however not in the run-time. This aides in recognition of blunders amid the product advancement cycle. Likewise the statically composed dialects are quicker than progressively written dialect all in all.
Universally useful
In spite of being old C is utilized as a part of assortment of utilizations from framework programming to photograph altering virtual products. A portion of the applications where C writing computer programs is utilized are as per the following:
Inserted Systems
Working System - Windows Linux OSX Android iOS.
Databases - PostgreSQL Oracle MySQL MS SQL Server.
Different Uses - Network drivers Compilers Print spoolers.
The Basics
Before beginning with C programming lets get acclimated with the dialect first. 
C is a broadly useful programming dialect utilized for extensive variety of utilizations from Operating frameworks like Windows and iOS to programming that is utilized for making 3D motion pictures. 
C writing computer programs is exceptionally productive. That is the principle motivation behind why it\'s exceptionally mainstream in spite of being over 40 years of age. 
Standard C programs are compact. The source code written in one framework works in another working framework with no change. 
As specified it\'s a decent dialect to begin picking up programming. In the event that you know C programming you won\'t simply see how your program functions yet will likewise have the capacity to make a psychological picture on how a PC functions.


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