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#508 How to Troubleshoot Windows 10

Posted by Alenarose on 16 September 2019 - 10:23 AM

A computer is a complex machine with a combination of hardware and software synced together. And to understand everything is simply not possible. Especially in today’s age that we live in, a complex machine like this has thousands of minds behind it. There is always a possibility that this near-to-perfect piece of technology can cause problems in functioning and resultant, we as a user get stuck midway simply because most of us aren’t aware of how to fix it. So here we are going to learn as how to fix various problems or in other words, troubleshooter Windows 10 operating system on your laptop or PC.


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#667 Let's see your best memes!

Posted by Retro™ on 21 November 2019 - 10:57 PM


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#647 New Webste Updates / Life Changes

Posted by Vexallus on 16 November 2019 - 02:49 PM

Hello everyone, 


i'll not be as active until thursday of this week, as i have midterm exams, i've been planning for some new updates that will be released once i am done with my exams, these updates will include several changes in the website & releasing the so-long waited DosHackPro G2 .


more to be talked about when i am back, stay tuned & Keep the forum clean out of spams.


Thanks ^_^

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#281 Hi everyone, I'm Aolonn

Posted by Aolonn on 24 July 2019 - 11:05 PM

I'm Aolonn, I'm french, and I'm fond of Wolfteam. I really appreciate the work of the team. Thanks!
However, I like tennis and.. eating chocolate, who doesn't?
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#120 Welcome Back!

Posted by Vexallus on 23 July 2019 - 11:25 AM

Welcome Back everyone !
We apologize as we had to remove everything from our previous website data due to unknown corrupted files, the new website is sleek and is much smoother, we have also improved our security and added a Nexus Store !
If you were a premium user, please Private Message @Vexallus and you will get your premiumship back + 20 Extra Days 
we will continue to improve and add more features to the website Through time, for now we will focus on releasing something for our users <3
Thanks !

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#705 Let's see your best memes!

Posted by Vexallus on 03 December 2019 - 01:53 PM

FB-IMG-1567352994551.jpg FB-IMG-1568597417865.jpg

FB-IMG-1570030992278.jpg FB-IMG-1570031075477.jpg

FB-IMG-1575051339206.jpg FB-IMG-1575150495309.jpg

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#670 How do I post memes

Posted by Retro™ on 21 November 2019 - 11:20 PM

Ya, for me the image button wasn't working. I would input the url of the image and it would not show in the post. I had to use BBCode for it to work.

Not sure why lol

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#666 Let's see your best memes!

Posted by Relentless on 21 November 2019 - 10:49 PM

Hello fellow DosHacks members!


Let's collect some good memes in this topic. Make sure to read the rules before you post anything!



If you aren't sure how to post images on our forums, make sure to check out this link too!




I start with a classic oldie:


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#665 Read before posting

Posted by Relentless on 21 November 2019 - 10:41 PM

Hello fellow DosHacks members!


In this section you can post memes and other funny stuff you want to share but make sure to read the following topic before posting.

Posts violating our rules and terms will result in deletion of your post, warning points, temporary bans or bans.


Memes cover a huge variety of humor and they are an awesome way to share jokes and nonsense.

Keep in mind that especially memes cover a huge amount of different humors and opinions.


Do not hesitate to post memes about politics, dark humor and famous people.

However you should not post stuff that is directly against someone on our forums. We do not want to spread hate here.

Hating and bullying someone is something different than having a dark humor.

Other than that we do not want any nudity here even if it's anime or something.


Please keep these simple instructions in mind!





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#287 Hi everyone, I'm Aolonn

Posted by Aolonn on 25 July 2019 - 09:06 AM

Thanks a lot for this welcome!:)

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#262 History Of Previous Versions Of VB

Posted by DarkShadow on 24 July 2019 - 02:29 PM

History Of Previous Versions Of VB



Past Versions And How It Was Developed
After the start of the idea of visual essential and the capacity to help adaptable plan fashioners endeavored to create and presented new forms of Visual fundamental.These renditions satisfied the requirements of various working frameworks and programmable frameworks in a single manner or the other.Penned down underneath is an outline of the distinctive variants created and presented in the market as the essential renditions of visual fundamental: 

1.Visual Basic 1.0

Visual Basic 1.0 was discharged in 1991.The sole reason for visual fundamental 1.0 was to go about as a programming stage for various programmable frameworks inside the Windows condition. 
2.Visual Basic 1.0 for DOS
After the arrival of visual fundamental 1.0 another variant with the name of Visual Basic 1.0 for DOS was presented in 1992.This adaptation was really the post-discharge for the DOS-based BASIC compilers QuickBasic (another compiler created by Microsoft) and Basic Professional Development System made by Microsoft.That was the main explanation behind the non-similarity of the dialect with the Visual Basic for Windows.The highlights of this rendition extraordinarily handled the interface that used to fortify the look of a Graphical UI with the assistance of ASCII characters. 
3.Visual Basic 2.0
Visual Basic 2.0 form of old Visual Basic was discharged back in late 1992.The sole reason for this discharge was to change a portion of the buds and accelerate the general execution of the stage.Nature was likewise moved towards a simpler form to enable individuals to utilize the Visual Basic effectively. 
4.Visual Basic 3.0
In the mid of 1993 another form of visual fundamental with the name of Visual Basic 3.0 was discharged.This rendition was additionally discharged in two unique variations in particular Standard Visual Basic 3.0 and Professional Visual fundamental 3.0.The primary expansion to Visual Basic 3.0 was its arrangement of database motor.The fundamental capacity of this database motor is that it could read and compose databases typically Access Databases. 
5.Visual Basic 4.0
Visual Basic 4.0 was discharged in 1995.This was the main ever arrival of Visual Basic that can make projects of 32-bit and 16-bit.What\'s more out of the blue this discharge empowered software engineers to compose classes in VB. 
6.Visual Basic 5.0
In 1997 another adaptation of visual essential was discharged with the name of Visual fundamental 5.0.This rendition was empowered for 32-bit programs inside the Windows condition.One great favorable position of visual essential 5.0 was that it empowered software engineers to compose programs in 5.0 and import programs that are as of now written in visual fundamental 4.0.Client User Controls and Compilation of codes to local windows executable codes are the two principle highlights of visual essential 5.0.This discharge likewise concocted rapid runtime execution of codes. 
7.Visual Basic 6.0
In 1998 another variant of visual essential hit the market with the name Visual Basic 6.0.With this discharge various perspectives inside the Visual fundamental field were made strides.Out of the blue software engineers and creators could commonly utilize Visual Basic 6.0 to make programs inside the Windows condition and also Website applications utilizing IE program. 
8. Visual Basic.NET
Visual basic.NET is a high-dialect programming dialect with a coordinated usage of .NET Framework.Propelled in 2002 Visual Basic.NET went about as a fundamental stage for software engineers to program codes inside the Windows condition utilizing .NET Framework.Visual Studio is the following level pack for assist advancement of Visual Basic.NET utilizing incorporated improvement condition (IDE).More essential is to think about VBC.EXE which is a freeware order line compiler.VBC.EXE was incorporated into the .NET Framework SDK.

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#261 Learn VB Programming

Posted by DarkShadow on 24 July 2019 - 02:28 PM

Learn VB Programming





Visual Basic is a third-age occasion driven programming dialect initially discharged by Microsoft in 1991.The last form was Visual Basic 6.0 preceding the discharged of Visual Basic.NET.Visual Basic is an easy to use programming dialect intended for fledglings and it empowers anybody to create GUI window applications effectively.Numerous designers still support Visual Basic 6.0 over the successor Visual Basic.NET.
The Basics


VB.Net is a protest situated programming dialect.In Object-Oriented Programming procedure a program comprises of different articles that connect with each other by methods for activities.The activities that a question may take are called strategies.Objects of a similar kind are said to have a similar sort or all the more frequently are said to be in a similar class.
When we consider a VB.Net program it can be characterized as an accumulation of articles that convey by means of summoning each other\'s strategies.Let us now quickly investigate what do class question strategies and occurrence factors mean.



Items have states and practices.Case: A canine has states - shading name breed and practices - swaying yapping eating and so forth.A question is an occurrence of a class.




A class can be characterized as a layout/diagram that depicts the practices/expresses that objects of its compose bolster.
A strategy is fundamentally a conduct.A class can contain numerous techniques.It is in strategies where the rationales are composed information is controlled and every one of the activities are executed.
Instance Variables
Each question has its extraordinary arrangement of occasion factors.A question\'s state is made by the qualities doled out to these occurrence factors.
An identifier is a name used to distinguish a class variable work or some other client characterized thing.The essential principles for naming classes in VB.Net are as per the following:
1.A name must start with a letter that could be trailed by an arrangement of letters digits (0 - 9) or underscore.The main character in an identifier can\'t be a digit.
2.It must not contain any implanted space or image like ? - +! @ # % ^ and * ( ) [ ] { } .; :  \'/and \\\\.Be that as it may an underscore ( _ ) can be utilized.
3.It ought not be a held watchword.
History of VB
In 1991 Visual Basic 1.0 was presented and after its presentation the business duplicate was discharged too.Alan Cooper is exceptionally known for his intuitive plan work inside the visual essential condition.The UI made by the Alan Cooper is exceptionally created to present better approach for producing programming codes for windows working frameworks.Afterward Microsoft reached Alan Cooper and offered him to create Tripod (the simplified outline named after Alan Cooper\'s organization Tripod) in a programmable shape for Windows 3.0.The name was later chosen to be Ruby that has no alliance with the programming dialect known as Ruby.
The principle imperfection in the tripod programming framework was that it didn\'t bolster a programming dialect to additionally bolster programmable frameworks inside the Windows stage.Microsoft; in any case stepped up with regards to blend Ruby with some essential dialect and the ascent of Visual Basic as a stage was begun.Microsoft had surrendered one of its database program known as Omega. The amalgamation of Ruby interface together with the Embedded BASIC motor made for Omega furnished another stage to continue with the programmable frameworks.A standout amongst other focal points of Ruby is to help the capacity of stacking dynamic connection libraries.These libraries contained Thingamajigs (otherwise called supplementary controls) that helped the fashioners to plan the VBX interface later.With the headway in the visual essential stage and programming strategies diverse visual fundamental adaptations were discharged both monetarily and as freeware.Freeware variants; in any case did exclude finish includes that the business discharged had.

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#252 C Programming On Your OS

Posted by DarkShadow on 24 July 2019 - 02:18 PM

C Programming On Your OS





There are various compilers and word processors you can use to run C programming. These compilers and content managers may contrast from framework to framework. 
You will locate the most straightforward approach to run C programming on your PC (Windows Mac OS X or Linux) in this segment.


Run C program Online
There are a few destinations that enables you to run C programming on the web. The one I lean toward is ideone.com. 
To run C programming in Ideone.com select C dialect at the base of the editorial manager compose C code and snap Run. 
It ought to be noticed that online C compilers are constrained (you can\'t work with documents taking contribution from the client isn\'t regular et cetera).
Run C Programming in Mac OS
1.Go to download page of apple engineer webpage.
2.Click the download Xcode connect. It\'s prescribed to download the most recent form regardless of whether it\'s in beta.
3.When download is finished open Xcode and take after the wizard to introduce it. You should need to put the Xcode in Applications for sometime later.
4.Then open Xcode and go to File > New > Project.
5.Under OS X area pick Application pick Command Line Tool and hit straightaway.
6.Provide the Product Name for instance: Hello. Also pick C under Language area. At that point click straightaway.
7.Choose the area where you need to spare the task in your Mac. You can uncheck Create Git store catch and snap make.
8.Navigate to main.c document in the screen where you can see default code gave by XCode.
9.Change the code as you wish. Lastly to run the code go to Product > Run or basically hit Cmd + R.
10.By default you will see the yield at the base of your screen.
Run C programming on Linux
To run C programming on Linux you require: 
a compiler. We\'ll introduce GNU GCC compiler which is useful for amateurs. 
advancement devices and libraries. 
a word processor (gEdit works fine and dandy for our motivation). Or on the other hand you can download content manager of your decision. 
Here\'s a well ordered manual for run C in Linux (Ubuntu Debian CentOS Fedora Red Hat and Scientific Linux): 
1.Open the terminal and issue the accompanying charge. 
For Ubuntu and Debian conveyance: 
$ sudo able get refresh. 
$ sudo able get introduce fabricate basic manpages-dev. 
For CentOS Fedora Red Hat and Scientific Linux: 
# yum groupinstall \'Advancement Tools\'. 
This introduces GNU GCC compiler and related apparatuses on your framework. 
2.To confirm if gcc compiler is introduced issue the order. 
$ gcc - adaptation. 
3.Open your preferred content manager and spare a record with .c expansion. I influenced hello.c to record utilizing gEdit. 
4.Switch to the index where the record is found. What\'s more issue the accompanying order. 
$ gcc program-source-code.c - o name-of-your-decision. 
Here program-source.code.c is the filename you picked previously. Also name-of-your-decision can be any name you incline toward. For my situation I issued the accompanying charge. $ gcc hello.c - o hi. 
5.If there is no blunder an executable document named is made; hi is my case. 
6.Finally you can see the yield utilizing following charge. 
$ ./hi. 
you may have envisioned you have to utilize the name of executable record you picked previously. Additionally you have to utilize way to the execute document in the event that you are in an alternate registry.
Run C Programming in Windows (XP 7 8 and 10)
To run C Programming in Windows download a product called Code::Blocks. At that point compose C code spare the record with .c expansion and execute the code. 
To influence this system considerably simpler to take after this well ordered guide. 
1.Go to the double discharge download page of Code:Blocks official webpage. 
2.Under Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x/10 area tap the connection with mingw-setup (featured column) either from Sourceforge.net or FossHub. 
3.Open the Code::Blocks Setup document and take after the guidelines (Next > I concur > Next > Install); you don\'t have to transform anything. This introduces the Code::Blocks with gnu gcc compiler which is the best compiler to begin with for novices. 
4.Now open Code::Blocks and go to File > New > Empty document (Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N). 
5.Write the C code and spare the record with .c expansion. To spare the document go to File > Save (Shortcut: Ctrl + S). 
Essential: The filename should end with a .c augmentation as: hello.c your-program-name.c. 
6.To run the program go to Build > Build and Run (Shortcut: F9). This will manufacture the executable document and run it. 
On the off chance that your program doesn\'t run and on the off chance that you see blunder message \\can\'t discover compiler executable in your pursuit path(GNU GCC compiler)\\ go to Settings > Compiler > Toolchain executables and click Auto-recognize. This ought to comprehend the issue as a rule.

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#248 Im happy I finally signed up

Posted by LaurenWend on 24 July 2019 - 01:39 PM

Perfect work you have done, this internet site is really cool with good information.

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