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#508 How to Troubleshoot Windows 10

Posted by Alenarose on 16 September 2019 - 10:23 AM

A computer is a complex machine with a combination of hardware and software synced together. And to understand everything is simply not possible. Especially in today’s age that we live in, a complex machine like this has thousands of minds behind it. There is always a possibility that this near-to-perfect piece of technology can cause problems in functioning and resultant, we as a user get stuck midway simply because most of us aren’t aware of how to fix it. So here we are going to learn as how to fix various problems or in other words, troubleshooter Windows 10 operating system on your laptop or PC.


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#120 Welcome Back!

Posted by Vexallus on 23 July 2019 - 11:25 AM

Welcome Back everyone !
We apologize as we had to remove everything from our previous website data due to unknown corrupted files, the new website is sleek and is much smoother, we have also improved our security and added a Nexus Store !
If you were a premium user, please Private Message @Vexallus and you will get your premiumship back + 20 Extra Days 
we will continue to improve and add more features to the website Through time, for now we will focus on releasing something for our users <3
Thanks !

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#443 Hello i´m Manuel

Posted by Goinq on 01 September 2019 - 09:07 AM



My name is Manuel and i'm from germany.

I started hacking 5 years ago and had a brake from Wolfteam for 2 years. 

I play Wolfteam since 7 years and now im exited to play it again! #oldfeelings


Also i was member and mod on many websites wich sold hacks and i have to say, DarkShadow i love u #nohomo



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#357 [Release] Codex Library v1.2 | New Update #1

Posted by Vexallus on 05 August 2019 - 02:44 PM

What's New :

  • Extended All user's License by +2 Days
  • Added a small improvements over Codex Menu to increase overall performance
  • Added Functionality to Move Menu [ Through Dragging ]
  • Added Anti-Sandboxie Feature [ Will Detect sandboxie and VMs and close if found ] , Thanks to @ducka
  • Added Functionality to use Injections [Normal Injection & Manual Mapping]
  • Added Functionality to Obtain Process run time info [ Commands to auto run processes using "Shell"]


More Updates coming soon as promised.

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#247 [Tutorial] Codex Library Full WalkThrough

Posted by Vexallus on 24 July 2019 - 12:29 PM

This topic will demonstrate all the features included into Codex Library, Which will show you how fast enough you can code your cheats and/or applications.


-What's This Library all about ? 


This library was created to help you through coding by offering most required functions available/unavailable to the public all at your service in its simplest forms, smooth & clean.



Before we get started, you must verify your license using the Developer key sent to you after purchasing Codex Library, & also specify your license location


Defining Codex License :

  LicenseKey = "yourkeyhere"   
  LicensePath = "F:\License.xl"


-Codex Overlay Menu Features :

  • D3D Featured Menu [Overlay , Unclickable]
  • Customization for Title , Color, Opacity & Names are available
  • Customization for Toggle keys , Movement Keys & Internal Variables are available.


If you are planning to code a d3d menu [C++ or VB.NET], both of them will require alot of work!, and will usually NOT function properly since alot of Anti-Cheats will manage to detect them or properly interrupt its functionality, however Our Library will do just the right thing for you, and only by writing 2 LINES


Calling Codex Menu Functions :

PrepareMenu(Me, Me, New Size(200, 225), 13, Color.Cyan, "|| DosHacks 1.0 ||", Color.Black)
PrepareNames({"CrossHair", "No Recoil", "No Spread", "Infinite Ammo",
                      "Shooting Speed", "Ice Wolf", "Team Kill", "God Mode", "Instant Kill",
                      "Always Headshot", "Master Room", "WallHack", "Chams Hack"})

Preview :




Can it get simple more than that ?

we've intentionally made our public hack Based on Codex Library to also show how stable it is.



How to Overlay ?


This will allow your menu to be on top of all applications, unclickable and not annoying as many other cheats could be.



How to do Movements 

Add a Timer, Delay it the way you like it then write the following function in it [delay pref is 80~120]


 Toggle Menu Through Game ?

Add a Timer, Delay it the way you like it then write the following function in it [delay pref is 200 ~ 350]

DoToggleMenu("Wolfteam.bin", Keys.End)

-Codex Memory Management :


  • RPM/WPM without worrying about Access Rights [ Our Library uses different methods in order to write into the memory ]
  • A Fully Customizable Pattern Scanning [ Array of bytes Scanning , C++ Style including signature scanning ]


Calling Codex Memory Functions :

StartHacking("Game Name")
FeatureName = ScanPattern("Game Name", ModuleName, ModuleSize, {&H66, &H85, &H0, &H7E, &H0, &H66, &H83, &H7D, &HFC}, "xx?x?xxxx", 0)

WriteByte(FeatureName, 0) >> Writes a byte
WriteInteger(FeatureName, 0) >> Writes an Integer
WriteLong(FeatureName, 0) >> Writes a Long time value
WriteFloat(FeatureName,0.0) >> Writes a float type value
WriteString(FeatureName, "[GM]Professional") >>Writes a String type value

ProtectMemory(FeatureName) >> Protects your Memory from being Force Edited.
+++ More

So How Different is it from others?, simply our Library has 3 available Access Rights [External Editing, Internal Editing & Kernel Level Editing]


Note : Kernel level is still under developement and may not be functioning correctly.




There are 13 More Functions to be explained Tomorrow

Attached Files

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#667 Let's see your best memes!

Posted by Retro™ on 21 November 2019 - 10:57 PM


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#449 Hello i´m Manuel

Posted by mfilm17 on 01 September 2019 - 03:36 PM

Welcome Manuel! Glad to be the first to meet you to our community. :D

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#378 [Release] Codex Library v1.3 | New Update #2

Posted by Vexallus on 10 August 2019 - 04:39 PM

What's New :

  • Prevented a security issue in the Encryption code
  • Applied a Smoother Code over Codex Menu
  • Fixed A License Issue that caused Crashing if LicenseKey is Correct with Authentication System


Important : if you are having Crash Issue with old codex Libraries or any errors shown, Please download 1.3 or above.

Attached Files

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#281 Hi everyone, I'm Aolonn

Posted by Aolonn on 24 July 2019 - 11:05 PM

I'm Aolonn, I'm french, and I'm fond of Wolfteam. I really appreciate the work of the team. Thanks!
However, I like tennis and.. eating chocolate, who doesn't?
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#714 AI Vs Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted by DarkShadow on 22 March 2020 - 09:04 PM

AI Vs Coronavirus (COVID-19)



Since the first report of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China, it has spread to in any event 100 different nations. As China started its reaction to the infection, it inclined toward its substantial innovation segment and explicitly human-made reasoning (AI), information science and innovation to track and battle the pandemic. At the same time, tech pioneers, including Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei and progressively quickened their organization's social insurance activities. Subsequently, tech new businesses are necessarily engaged with clinicians, scholastics and government elements around the globe to initiate innovation as the infection keeps on spreading to numerous different nations. Here are ten different ways human-made reasoning, information science and innovation are being utilized to oversee and battle COVID-19.



1.Computer-based intelligence to distinguish, track and conjecture flare-ups

The better we can follow the infection, the better we can battle it. By examining news reports, online life stages and government records, AI can figure out how to recognize a flare-up. Following irresistible malady chances by utilizing AI is the Canadian administration startup BlueDot gives. The BlueDot's AI cautioned of the danger a few days before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the World Health Organization gave their clear admonitions.


2.Computer-based intelligence to help analyze the infection

Human-made reasoning organization Infervision propelled a coronavirus AI arrangement that helps bleeding-edge therapeutic services laborers distinguish and screen the malady productively.
Imaging divisions in human services offices are being exhausted with the expanded remaining task at hand made by the infection. This arrangement improves the CT determination speed. Chinese web-based business monster Alibaba likewise fabricated an AI-fueled determination framework they guarantee is 96% precise at diagnosing the infection in a flash.


3.Procedure medicinal services claims

It's not just the clinical tasks of human services frameworks that are being exhausted yet, also the business and regulatory divisions as they manage the flood of patients. A blockchain stage offered by Ant Financial assists speed with increasing cases preparing and lessens the measure of up close and personal association among patients and medical clinic staff.


4.Automatons convey clinical supplies

One of the most secure and quickest approaches to get clinical supplies where they have to go during an ailment flare-up is with ramble conveyance. Land Drone is utilizing its uncrewed aerial vehicles to move clinical examples and isolate material with an insignificant hazard between Xinchang County's sickness control focus and the People's Hospital. Automatons additionally are utilized to watch open spaces, track resistance to isolate orders and for warm imaging.


5.Robots disinfect, convey nourishment and supplies and perform different assignments

Robots aren't defenseless to the infection, so they are being conveyed to finish numerous undertakings, for example, cleaning and disinfecting and carrying nourishment and medication to lessen the measure of human-to-human contact. UVD robots from Blue Ocean Robotics utilize bright light to eliminate microscopic organisms and infections self-rulingly. In China, Pudu Technology sent its robots that are ordinarily used in the providing food industry to over 40 medical clinics around the nation.


6.Create drugs

Google's DeepMind division utilized its most recent AI calculations and its registering capacity to comprehend the proteins that may make up the infection and distributed the discoveries to help other people create medications. BenevolentAI utilizes AI frameworks to assemble drugs that can battle the world's hardest sicknesses and is currently helping support the endeavors to treat coronavirus, the first run through the organization concentrated its item on irresistible maladies. Inside long stretches of the flare-up, it utilized its prescient capacities to propose existing medications that may be valuable.


7.Propelled textures offer insurance

Organizations, for example, Israeli startup Sonovia would like to arm human services frameworks and others with face covers produced using their enemy of the pathogen against bacterial texture that depends on metal-oxide nanoparticles.


8.Computer-based intelligence to recognize rebelliousness or tainted people

While positively a dubious utilization of innovation and AI, China's refined observation framework utilized facial acknowledgment innovation and temperature location programming from SenseTime to recognize individuals who may have a fever and be bound to have the infection. Comparative innovation powers "brilliant protective caps" utilized by authorities in the Sichuan area to recognize individuals with illnesses. The Chinese government has likewise built up a checking framework called Health Code that uses colossal information to distinguish and surveys the danger of every individual depending on their movement history, how much time they have spent in infection hotspots and potential introduction to individuals is conveying the infection. Residents have doled out a shading code (red, yellow, or green), which they can get to using the mainstream applications WeChat or Alipay to demonstrate if they ought to be isolated or permitted in broad daylight.


9.Chatbots to share data

Tencent works WeChat and individuals can get to free online wellbeing counsel benefits through it. Chatbots have likewise been specialized fundamental instruments for specialist organizations in the movement and the travel industry to keep voyagers refreshed on the most recent travel strategies and interruptions.


10.Supercomputers taking a shot at a coronavirus immunization

The distributed computing assets and supercomputers of a few significant tech organizations, for example, Tencent, DiDi and Huawei are being utilized by scientists to quickly track the improvement of a fix or antibody for the infection. The speed these frameworks can run computations and model arrangements is a lot quicker than standard PC preparation.

In a worldwide pandemic, for example, COVID-19, innovation, human-made brainpower and information science have gotten essential to helping social orders effectively manage the episode.

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#705 Let's see your best memes!

Posted by Vexallus on 03 December 2019 - 01:53 PM

FB-IMG-1567352994551.jpg FB-IMG-1568597417865.jpg

FB-IMG-1570030992278.jpg FB-IMG-1570031075477.jpg

FB-IMG-1575051339206.jpg FB-IMG-1575150495309.jpg

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#670 How do I post memes

Posted by Retro™ on 21 November 2019 - 11:20 PM

Ya, for me the image button wasn't working. I would input the url of the image and it would not show in the post. I had to use BBCode for it to work.

Not sure why lol

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#666 Let's see your best memes!

Posted by Relentless on 21 November 2019 - 10:49 PM

Hello fellow DosHacks members!


Let's collect some good memes in this topic. Make sure to read the rules before you post anything!



If you aren't sure how to post images on our forums, make sure to check out this link too!




I start with a classic oldie:


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#665 Read before posting

Posted by Relentless on 21 November 2019 - 10:41 PM

Hello fellow DosHacks members!


In this section you can post memes and other funny stuff you want to share but make sure to read the following topic before posting.

Posts violating our rules and terms will result in deletion of your post, warning points, temporary bans or bans.


Memes cover a huge variety of humor and they are an awesome way to share jokes and nonsense.

Keep in mind that especially memes cover a huge amount of different humors and opinions.


Do not hesitate to post memes about politics, dark humor and famous people.

However you should not post stuff that is directly against someone on our forums. We do not want to spread hate here.

Hating and bullying someone is something different than having a dark humor.

Other than that we do not want any nudity here even if it's anime or something.


Please keep these simple instructions in mind!





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#459 Hello i´m Manuel

Posted by mYth. on 03 September 2019 - 11:18 AM

Welcome aboard !

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#452 Hello i´m Manuel

Posted by Vexallus on 01 September 2019 - 07:42 PM

Welcome Manuel, I hope you enjoy your stay here, our community is growing quiet good, and we are aiming to make this community full of love and affection ❤️

Soon hopefully we will have more people joining the family .
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#326 [Release] Codex Library v1.0 | Initial version

Posted by Vexallus on 30 July 2019 - 08:01 PM

Thank you for purchasing Codex Library, if you need any help please Message me here on forum or @ Discord name : Vexallus#2781



New updates will be released every 3 days, so stay tuned !


if you don't have a license key or didn't receive one , please PM me.

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#287 Hi everyone, I'm Aolonn

Posted by Aolonn on 25 July 2019 - 09:06 AM

Thanks a lot for this welcome!:)

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#252 C Programming On Your OS

Posted by DarkShadow on 24 July 2019 - 02:18 PM

C Programming On Your OS





There are various compilers and word processors you can use to run C programming. These compilers and content managers may contrast from framework to framework. 
You will locate the most straightforward approach to run C programming on your PC (Windows Mac OS X or Linux) in this segment.


Run C program Online
There are a few destinations that enables you to run C programming on the web. The one I lean toward is ideone.com. 
To run C programming in Ideone.com select C dialect at the base of the editorial manager compose C code and snap Run. 
It ought to be noticed that online C compilers are constrained (you can\'t work with documents taking contribution from the client isn\'t regular et cetera).
Run C Programming in Mac OS
1.Go to download page of apple engineer webpage.
2.Click the download Xcode connect. It\'s prescribed to download the most recent form regardless of whether it\'s in beta.
3.When download is finished open Xcode and take after the wizard to introduce it. You should need to put the Xcode in Applications for sometime later.
4.Then open Xcode and go to File > New > Project.
5.Under OS X area pick Application pick Command Line Tool and hit straightaway.
6.Provide the Product Name for instance: Hello. Also pick C under Language area. At that point click straightaway.
7.Choose the area where you need to spare the task in your Mac. You can uncheck Create Git store catch and snap make.
8.Navigate to main.c document in the screen where you can see default code gave by XCode.
9.Change the code as you wish. Lastly to run the code go to Product > Run or basically hit Cmd + R.
10.By default you will see the yield at the base of your screen.
Run C programming on Linux
To run C programming on Linux you require: 
a compiler. We\'ll introduce GNU GCC compiler which is useful for amateurs. 
advancement devices and libraries. 
a word processor (gEdit works fine and dandy for our motivation). Or on the other hand you can download content manager of your decision. 
Here\'s a well ordered manual for run C in Linux (Ubuntu Debian CentOS Fedora Red Hat and Scientific Linux): 
1.Open the terminal and issue the accompanying charge. 
For Ubuntu and Debian conveyance: 
$ sudo able get refresh. 
$ sudo able get introduce fabricate basic manpages-dev. 
For CentOS Fedora Red Hat and Scientific Linux: 
# yum groupinstall \'Advancement Tools\'. 
This introduces GNU GCC compiler and related apparatuses on your framework. 
2.To confirm if gcc compiler is introduced issue the order. 
$ gcc - adaptation. 
3.Open your preferred content manager and spare a record with .c expansion. I influenced hello.c to record utilizing gEdit. 
4.Switch to the index where the record is found. What\'s more issue the accompanying order. 
$ gcc program-source-code.c - o name-of-your-decision. 
Here program-source.code.c is the filename you picked previously. Also name-of-your-decision can be any name you incline toward. For my situation I issued the accompanying charge. $ gcc hello.c - o hi. 
5.If there is no blunder an executable document named is made; hi is my case. 
6.Finally you can see the yield utilizing following charge. 
$ ./hi. 
you may have envisioned you have to utilize the name of executable record you picked previously. Additionally you have to utilize way to the execute document in the event that you are in an alternate registry.
Run C Programming in Windows (XP 7 8 and 10)
To run C Programming in Windows download a product called Code::Blocks. At that point compose C code spare the record with .c expansion and execute the code. 
To influence this system considerably simpler to take after this well ordered guide. 
1.Go to the double discharge download page of Code:Blocks official webpage. 
2.Under Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x/10 area tap the connection with mingw-setup (featured column) either from Sourceforge.net or FossHub. 
3.Open the Code::Blocks Setup document and take after the guidelines (Next > I concur > Next > Install); you don\'t have to transform anything. This introduces the Code::Blocks with gnu gcc compiler which is the best compiler to begin with for novices. 
4.Now open Code::Blocks and go to File > New > Empty document (Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N). 
5.Write the C code and spare the record with .c expansion. To spare the document go to File > Save (Shortcut: Ctrl + S). 
Essential: The filename should end with a .c augmentation as: hello.c your-program-name.c. 
6.To run the program go to Build > Build and Run (Shortcut: F9). This will manufacture the executable document and run it. 
On the off chance that your program doesn\'t run and on the off chance that you see blunder message \\can\'t discover compiler executable in your pursuit path(GNU GCC compiler)\\ go to Settings > Compiler > Toolchain executables and click Auto-recognize. This ought to comprehend the issue as a rule.

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#248 Im happy I finally signed up

Posted by LaurenWend on 24 July 2019 - 01:39 PM

Perfect work you have done, this internet site is really cool with good information.

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